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  • Ace of Fades
  • Brand Identity Design
  • Visual ‘Look and Feel’
  • Website Design & Development
  • Colour Palette
  • Typography
  • Icon Design
  • Interface Design
  • Website Build
  • Photography & Photographic style
  • Digital Marketing
  • Care Plan
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Project Info

The Challenge

Ace of Fades is an on-trend barbershop located in the boutique Britomart precinct in downtown Auckland, New Zealand.

The barbershop wanted a brand identity and website design that captured their distinct style and positioned them as the ?go to? barber in Auckland. ?Old School Meets Modern? was the theme that needed to run across the website.

Whilst?Ace if Fades is every bit as masculine as its counterparts, this barbershop is also inclusive of their female barbers and clientele. It was important that this point of difference was made obvious to website visitors.

The client requested that the website feature a live blog for content marketing purposes and connectivity to social media platforms. They also?knew they wanted ‘tons of photos’ and to capture their culture somehow, to make their target audience want to experience their barbershop.

Our Solution

We designed a look and feel that strikes a balance between the traditional and the contemporary. To create the traditional look, black and white photography and retro styled icons were used. A dark colour palette gives off a distinguished, masculine tone.

The interior design of the salon was a feature the client had overlooked. Photos of the salon was showcased across the website. Images of the barbers, cuts and tools were included to illustrate the vibe and culture.

We didn’t just add links to social media. We included images from their Instagram feed so visitors get an instant preview. An easy to update blog was implemented.

We recommended an online booking system and easy to find contact details for clients who wanted the traditional barber ?drop in? experience. A Google map was included, custom designed to suit the company’s brand colours.

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