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Semi Permanent Hair Salon Responsive Website

Project Info

The Challenge

Kelly, the owner of Semi-Permament, noticed that her husband complained about her spending too much time in the evenings organising appointments. Kelly did not have a booking function on her existing website. Her website was also out of date, resulting in Semi-Permanent not remaining competitive with other salons.

Semi-Permanent had a website, however it?s style and functionalities were outdated.? The salon wanted a new website and logo design to bring their image up to date,?keep up with established competitors and get more customers making bookings.

Semi-Permanent wanted a simple, clear, modern, professional website that would?communicate the quality of service and products provided and be easy for users to navigate.

It was also important for Semi-Permanent to demonstrate the range of cuts and styles they were capable of, and to cause visitors to make a booking there and then.

Our Solution

The website was designed around the key goals of creating a modern image, conveying the quality of Semi-Permanent?s brand and getting online bookings.

We positioned the ‘book online’ button prominently on desktop and mobile devices. It was placed strategically in key areas across the website, in such a way that it would be easily accessible to users anywhere on the website. It was also important not to make this a distraction or annoyance.

The website was designed to showcase the salon’s cuts and styles gallery. This section was also?positioned strategically. A flow was created which would cause visitors to be enticed by the hairstyles, gain trust by reading a positive review, then be able to select the ‘Book online’ button – right in view.

We created quality content to establish a premium image and trust. This included a photoshoot of the salon and team. Content design also included professional copywriting, testimonials, showcase of product brands and staff profiles/awards.

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