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Project Info

The Challenge

Humane is a cruelty-free, organic hair salon on a mission.

The company needed a new name, brand identity and website design that would clearly portray the company?s brand values, purpose and advertise the range of luxurious cruelty-free, organic hair solutions on offer.

Humane wanted their website to evoke a feeling of serenity, health, vitality and luxury.

At the same time they wanted the website to educate and advertise ethical and sustainable hairdressing. This was to attract like-minded customers as well as to educate and draw in new clientele who had not previously visited an organic salon.

These potential clients needed to be able to quickly make contact or make a booking with the salon. Converting website visitors into customers was fundamental.

Our Solution

We designed a sleek, minimalist website with a?soft, delicate, natural, modern and luxurious look and feel. Colours, photography, image styling and typographic choices were guided by this aim. A ‘less is more’ approach was taken to content creation, inclusion and placement.

An easy to find contact form was designed to be in line with the streamlined approach.?A ?click to open? pop up contact form was created instead of a separate contact page.?This design prevented the contact area cluttering the interface or requiring users to go to a separate page to make contact.?Poorly designed pop ups are annoying and intrusive. We designed this pop up form in a way that puts the user in control and does not interrupt their website reading flow.

In keeping with the gentle style, opportunities to ‘book online’ were placed?subtly, yet within easy reach across the website.

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